Hotheads Hair Extensions-Call Echo Salon to schedule your consultation with Sydney

Hotheads Hair Extensions give you the thick, healthy, and glamorous tresses of a runway model without any damage to your hair.  These soft, remy hair extensions at our Vero Beach FL salon are created exclusively from natural hair.  They blend beautifully with your own hair to provide a natural looking style.   Because they are applied without heat, there is no damage to your hair.  And, they are long lasting.  You can expect between 8 to 10 weeks of wear after Hotheads have been applied.  Then, they can be reapplied, so you can enjoy gorgeous thickness and length even longer.

Benefits of Hair Extensions

Length and Fullness:   Hair extensions instantly add length to your style without having to wait years for your hair to grow.  If your hair is fine or thin, extensions can give you the volume you are lacking.

Color or Highlights Without a Chemical Service:  When lighter color extensions are strategically added to your existing hair, the effect of highlights is instantly created.

Color or Style Without Commitment:  If you are interested in taking your current style to a new level for a special event, extensions can do the trick.  Or, if you would like to add a splash of color or highlights, extensions create the effect without the commitment.  When you are ready to return to your normal style, they can be effortlessly removed.

Curl and Style Like Your Very Own Hair:  Because Hotheads hair extensions are created from natural remy human hair, you can curl, blow dry, and style them just like your normal hair.

How Are Hair Extensions Applied?

Hotheads are adhesive weft extensions which do not require heat or tools to apply.  This makes them very safe and non-damaging, unlike brands used at other salons.  When it is time to remove and reapply the extensions, the process is also easy, fast, and non-damaging.  Once they are attached, they are seamless and undetectable.  These glamorous tresses will look like your very own hair.

How Long Do Hotheads Extensions last?

These beautiful natural hair extensions will last  for  8 to 10 weeks with proper care. They can be reused and reapplied up to 3 times.